Boost Your Performance From 20% -100% Or More Within 6 Months

I work at the intersection of strategy, culture, leadership and change to bring about extraordinary changes in performance for my clients based on proprietary insights developed over the last 30 years working with some of the best known businesses in Australia together with my own award-winning doctoral research. 

I’m selective about who I work with so if you’d like to explore whether it makes sense to work together on boosting the performance of your business by 20% – 100% or more within 6 months, we should schedule some time to chat.




Consulting is how I apply my unique experience, insights and skills to directly assist my clients’ organisations sense and respond to changes in the prevailing circumstances affecting their businesses, progressively dominate their industry by changing the bases of competition, and ultimately influence the prevailing circumstances other organisations need to sense and respond.



Coaching is how I share my unique experience, insights and skills to help individuals make sense of, navigate, and respond to the specific context in which they find themselves and achieve their aspirations. In addition to providing a framework to help them make sense of their experience I also focus on helping them overcome their self-limiting beliefs through one-on-one discussions and support.




Congratulations on finding, and welcome to, my website.

If you’ve found you’re way here it’s likely that you’re experiencing a high level of dissatisfaction with some aspect of your team, your organisation or its performance.

You’re certainly not alone feeling that way but what sets you apart from the many others who tolerate their dissatisfaction is that you’ve taken an important and concrete step to address it and make a positive difference. 

There are a lot of consultants to choose from when it comes to solving organisational problems and it can be difficult to understand what sets them apart and whether what they’re offering can actually achieve the results they claim.  

There’s something very different about the way I think about organisations, the problems they experience, and the way I go about solving them, and I would be honoured to assist you. 



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  • The Australian Shareholders’ Association sought assistance in conducting a Strategic Review in Victoria in October 2012. The review process employed an Appreciative Inquiry approach that we found perfectly suited our circumstance and the nature of an association such as ours. Dr Michael Petit was generous with his time in each stage of the review: planning, execution and analysis; and his undoubted skill and knowledge of the AI process resulted in many extremely positive, useful recommendations and outcomes. Our association is indebted to his fine work and has subsequently benefitted greatly from the findings of the review.

    Don Hyatt, Victorian Chair

    Australian Shareholders’ Association

  • Michael has the unique ability to think big picture strategy, drill down on the details of strategy implementation, as well generate out of the box solutions. He is a valuable lateral and strategic thinker for any strategic project and business serious about developing and effectively implementing strategy.

    Dr Vesna Grubacevic

    Director QT

  • Michael is an interesting and challenging thinker who brings a new and informed perspective to issues in the workplace. I value our discussions and enjoy the contribution he makes to how I view the world around me.

    Bruce Hartnett

    Chair VicSuper

  • Not often does one come across a natural strategist who is able to link financial logic with long term sustainable strategic outcomes. A natural analyst with an eye for detail. His easy approach, honest assessment and up-to-date knowledge provides a wealth of business outcomes. I would recommend Michael’s strategic services to any corporate.

    Dr Janusz Tanas

    Swinburne University

  • Michael has an invaluable capacity to bring a meta-view to strategic issues, creating a very helpful framework and context. The wealth of knowledge and experience on which he draws is often surprising for its depth and reach. These attributes make him incredibly valuable in developing corporate strategy.

    Peter Boyce

    Director TMG